How we produce

We are convinced that in today’s society, it is a must that fashion brands pay attention to ethical and sustainable standards. We believe that the only version of wealth that is desirable, is wealth created through honest collaborations. 

Locally created in Amsterdam

All our items are locally produced in Amsterdam. In this way, we avoid greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage coming from transportation. Also, through producing locally, we contribute to our local economy and we have the ability to be maximally involved in the production process, ensuring the best quality possible. A win-win situation!

Empowering newcomers

We work together with Makers Unite, a creative platform for social inclusion, which enables newcomers to continue their creative career paths in the Netherlands. Our producer, Mo, is a truly talented and highly experienced craftsman from Syria with a passion for clothing manufacturing. Through this collaboration, we create together.

Made to last

We only use high-quality fabrics for our products, since we want every item to last for a long time. To ensure this, we test our products thoroughly before producing them and work with the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment. In this way, we aim to extend the product’s life-span and minimize the product’s environmental footprint. We believe that paying a lot of attention to quality-related aspects in the beginning-of-life phase will have a significant beneficial impact on the environment in the long-term.